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May 24, 2011

Belysa Executive Condo Price

Belysa Executive Condo Price

We update you on latest Belysa executive condo price. The Belysa Executive Condo price is only indicative.

Only selected Belysa executive condo price is shared. You should consult your property agent for more details of all units for sale.

Belysa Executive Condo Price is produced below.

Belysa Executive Condo Price:

Unit Types | Typical Unit Sizes | Price Range

3-bdrm (compact) 829sf – 893sf $574,000 – $655,000

3-bdrm 947sf – 1,055sf $653,000 – $752,000

3+study 1,087sf -1,109sf $747,000 – $800,000

3-bdrm (suite) 1,216sf $811,000 – $841,000

4-bdrm 1,335sf $882,000 – $917,000

4-bdrm (suite) 1,421sf $923,000 – $952,000

*all pricing are subject to changes

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