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Jul 12, 2011

Latest EC Price List

Latest EC Price List

We update you on latest EC price list this June / July 2011.

This latest EC price list is taken from URA of Singapore.

Based on the private property sales transaction according to caveats lodged in April 2011, you have this latest EC price list.

Hence latest EC price list is shown below.

Latest EC Price List:

Esparina Residences Executive Condo Price = 626,000
Size = 829 sqft

The Esparis Executive Condo Price = $820,000
Size = 1184 sqft

Prive Executive Condo Price = $743,400
Size = 1098 sqft

The Canopy Executive Condo Price = $633,000
Size = 1033 sqft

Austville Executive Condo Price = $754,000
Size = 1023 sqft

The latest EC price list is subject to corrections.

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